My projects

Here is a list of my international projects

  • Ukranian-Norwegian (2017-2019), Advanced Collaborative Program for Research Based Education on Risk Management in Industry and Services under Global Economic, Technological and Environmental Changes: Enhanced Edition
    (CPEA-ST-2016/10003, funded by The Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education(SIU)).
  • Ukranian-Norwegian (2016), Norwegian-Ukrainian Summer School on Vulnerability Assessment of Critical Infrastructures in the Post-Soviet era: Case Ukraine (CPEA-ST-2016/10002, funded by SIU)
  • Ukranian-Norwegian (2013-2014), Study program in optimal decisions under risk and uncertainty applied to information economics and response to terrorist threats (CPEALA-2012/10052) ViewAbstract Publications
  • Rus-Ukr (2011-2012)Convex analysis and optimization of ambiguous stochastic systems with applications to reliability and safety problems”, Ф40.1/016, financed by Russian and Ukrainian State Funds for Fundamental Research. ViewAbstract Publications
  • Rus-Ukr joint seminar (Irkutsk, Russian Fedration, 2012), Stochastic programming and its applications in energy sector, financed by Russian and Ukrainian State Funds for Fundamental Research. ViewAbstract Publications
  • Fulbright project (UC, Davis, 2010(Oct)-2011(Sep)). Collaboration with prof. R.J-B Wets on Stochastic Variational Analysis problems. ViewAbstract Publications
  • STCU project (2005-2006),  Integrated system for hazardous flood modeling and risks reduction: case study for Tisza (Ukraine), Riony (Georgia) rivers, financed by Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU/EU, ), project manager and Leader of the Institute of Cybernetics team, 180000€. ViewAbstract Publications
  • VU University of Amsterdam (SOW-VU) (2000)Development of decision tools to support Land Privatization in Ukraine performed for Center for World Food Studies ( ), $10000.
  • INTAS (EU) (2000-2001), participation in a Scientific Network on Development of Theory and Applications of Nonsmooth Analysis and Optimization (member of the Institute of Cybernetics team, Leader prof. Shor N.Z.)
  • IIASA (1995-2000)
  • International (G.Soros) Science Foundation (1995),  Integer stochastic programming (# K47100), project leader.